10:16 | 20.01

"Sherminator" - the Georgian Became MVP of Spain's Round for the Fourth Time! (+VIDEO)

Giorgi Shermadini is holding the best season in his career. The Georgian became MVP of the round of Liga ACB for the fourth time in the current season.

16:41 | 22.09

The Second Gold Medal - Beka Lomtadze Is a World Champion!

Beka Lomtadze is a world champion in 61 kg! It is the second gold medal for the Georgian freestyle wrestling team at World Championship which is underway in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.


16:42 | 05.07

0Tatalashvili Became the Champion in Ulan Bator

Georgian judo team won two medals on the second day of Ulan Bator Grand Prix. Nugzar Tatalashvili (73 kg) won the gold medal and gained 300 ranking points. Esther Stamm, naturalized member of women’s ...

17:19 | 29.03

0Georgian Failure Continues

Today prize winners will be found out among men in 73 and 81 kg weight categories and in women in 63 and 70 kg at the Grand prix in Samsun. Preliminary stage meetings are undergoing yet, but the day has ...

18:28 | 25.03

0Georgians Benefited by the Tbilisi Tournament

The International Judo Federation has published a new world ranking, which takes into account the results of the Tbilisi Grand Prix. Avtandil Chrikishvili has the highest rating in the team of Irakli Uznadze. ...

20:05 | 22.03

0Rich Achievement of Georgian Men

2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze is the achievement of the Georgian men’s team on the second day of Tbilisi Grand Prix. No words, this is a brilliant result. However if we regard that today champions ...

18:42 | 22.03

0Achievement of the Second Day - 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze

Georgian judo team ended the second day of Grand Prix with a perfect result. The winners among men were found out in 73 and 81 kg weight categories and in both weight Georgian judokas reached the highest ...

13:13 | 20.02

0Liparteliani Lost His Leadership

International Judo Federation has released a new World’s ranking in which the results of European Open in Obewart is also regarded. Depending on the tournament standings, only few changes happened ...

12:47 | 16.11

0Georgian Judo Team Members will Get Bonus Premiums at the End of the Season

Georgian judo team members traditionally will get their own premium amount from the government at the end of the season. Davit Kevkhishvili, president of Georgian Judo Federation, and Tamaz Tevzadze, deputy ...