18:13 | 04.11

Manchester in the Hell and the City which Adores Football (+VIDEO)

We sat in the press box near fans and witnessed a lot of interesting facts – before the start of the match a child was sitting near us. He was holding a banner: “Manchester United, welcome to the hell”. Sukru Saracoglu was a real hell for the English club.

12:48 | 09.07

Half Step Up to the First Level looked through the history of the Georgian rugby and mentioned that Georgia is no longer a second-level rugby country and is only half step behind the first level:


10:42 | 17.06

0"Football Unites Us"

One of the main slogans of Soviet propaganda was: “Proletarians of all countries, unite”, which I never liked. It’s good that the leaders of proletariat and their calls came to the end. ...

10:38 | 16.06

0“Ole, Ole, Ole, Messi, Messi”

In the football circles it is often debatable if Lionel Messi is better or Diego Maradona. Many think that Messi equalized his famous compatriot. Others believe that Messi has not ascended to the heights ...

21:24 | 14.06

0The Dutch "Bad Boy"

The main theme of today’s Brazilian newspapers, of course, was the defeat of Spaniards with the Dutch national team. On the first pages, there were photos of heroes of the match, Robin van Persie ...

18:01 | 14.06

0Argentine Fans are Fully Prepared

World Cup in Brazil is picking up the pace gradually and fans are going into conformable “form”. The first match of the World Cup in Brazil will be held on June 15 and the team of Argentina ...

17:54 | 14.06

0Exemplary Mexican Support

In order to attend the matches of the World Championships, football fans are surging from all over the planet. You can see people of different nationality in Rio and football combines everyone. Of ...

17:44 | 14.06

0Georgian Track in Rio

While being in foreign country, of course you wonder if your country is well-known for them. Brazil has a bit of information about Georgia and it is not surprising. The Georgian Diaspora does not live ...

11:58 | 14.06

0Mass Football in Brazilian

There are a few beaches in Rio de Janeiro, but “Copacabana” is considered to be a place where teenagers learn the ABC of Brazilian football. I have read and heard many times that many Brazilian ...

16:10 | 05.05

0What Is the Fault of the Child if He Is Crazy about Football and Was Born in the Village?

In different regions of Georgia you will find a lot of stadiums which are in poor conditions. Either field is not good enough, or tribunes and dressing rooms. Or none of them. There are about 80 bases ...

20:31 | 15.01

0Injuries - How Many Lost the Best Years

Of course, football and trauma are inalienable but their “friendship” is predominant in the Georgians.  Maybe it is because of the wrong approach in the childhood? Unfortunately, U-18-23 ...

17:14 | 28.12

0National Championship: Tatanashvili, Symbolic and Other Nominees

The first stage of the Georgian Championship ended, incomplete 18 rounds and the major battle will be for entering in the top six. It should be said that 7 teams are fighting for 4 places – “Dinamo” ...