18:13 | 04.11

Manchester in the Hell and the City which Adores Football (+VIDEO)

We sat in the press box near fans and witnessed a lot of interesting facts – before the start of the match a child was sitting near us. He was holding a banner: “Manchester United, welcome to the hell”. Sukru Saracoglu was a real hell for the English club.

12:48 | 09.07

Half Step Up to the First Level looked through the history of the Georgian rugby and mentioned that Georgia is no longer a second-level rugby country and is only half step behind the first level:


12:46 | 24.06


The whole Brazil is obsessed by “Neymarism”. Wherever you look, almost every child, women and men wear Neymar’s T-shirt No.10. If there is no a surname on the shirt, number 10 is in any ...

12:14 | 23.06

0"Russia, Go" Failed

Mark Wilmots defeated the Russian national team for the second times at the World Championship. 12 years ago, in a match of principal in Korea-Japan, the Belgian won over Russians 3:2 and center forward ...

00:24 | 22.06

0Fabio Capello: “Maracana” Has a Force of Gravity”

According to Fabio Capello, head coach of the Russian national team, there are some stadiums in the world which have a force of gravity and “Maracana” is one of them. Capello made this statement ...

22:14 | 21.06

0Marc Wilmots: “This Generation Can Write a Good Chapter in the Belgian Football History”

According to Marc Wilmots, this generation of the Belgian football players can write a good chapter in their country’s football history. The Belgian head coach made this statement at the press conference ...

16:57 | 21.06

0Rewarding Guram Kashia in "World Sport"

“World Sport” rewarded Guram Kashia – as the best Georgian football player of 2013 by the poll of our website’s users. This poll was completed in late January, but of course, we ...

12:29 | 21.06

0"Ushankas" in Rio de Janeiro

A lot of people from various countries have arrived for World Cup and many of them are originally dressed. On June 22 the Russian team faces Belgium at “Maracana” and Russians will appear in ...

12:13 | 21.06

0Argentineans and Chileans Encamped at "Copacabana"

The hotels are “burning” in Rio de Janeiro and the visitors are trying to solve the housing problem by different ways. The Argentineans and Chileans easily solved this problem. They encamped ...

10:18 | 18.06

0The Brazilians Did not Worry about the Draw with Mexico

Rio de Janeiro was preparing for the second match of the Brazilian national team since morning. Fans gathered in “FIFA Fan Fest” several hours before the start of the match. DJ “Zabuba” ...

14:38 | 17.06

0"Aufviderzeen", "Ha, Ha, Ha Ronaldo"

The German car began to work and first Portugal fell under it. It was expected that this would be a tense match, but the meeting never took place. The Germans did not give the Portuguese team, led by Christiano ...

14:26 | 17.06

0Aged Brazilian to Argentineans: "Brazil Campeon"

During the match of Argentina-Bosnia I came across an interesting fact. In order to be against Argentine, the locals supported Balkans. During one of the attacks of Bosnia, suddenly the tribune became ...