18:13 | 04.11

Manchester in the Hell and the City which Adores Football (+VIDEO)

We sat in the press box near fans and witnessed a lot of interesting facts – before the start of the match a child was sitting near us. He was holding a banner: “Manchester United, welcome to the hell”. Sukru Saracoglu was a real hell for the English club.

12:48 | 09.07

Half Step Up to the First Level looked through the history of the Georgian rugby and mentioned that Georgia is no longer a second-level rugby country and is only half step behind the first level:


16:55 | 03.07

0Saint Sebastian's Modernistic Cathedral in Rio de Janeiro

The world’s most original Catholic Cathedral is located in Rio de Janeiro. It is called Saint Sebastian’s cathedral and is considered as one of the landmarks of Brazil. The temple was built ...

10:11 | 03.07

0Healthy Lifestyle in Brazilian

During the time I am in Brazil, I noticed that the locals love practice. Here is not a talk about playing football and “grekhetball” all day long at “Copacabana”. By the way, according ...

12:27 | 02.07

0The “Soviet” South American at “Maracana”

Lenin and people like him formed such country that it is still haunting people. I can understand the Russians. Some of them are still crying over him and I have heard many times: “Did we live poorly?” ...

11:31 | 02.07

0Pele – Argentina 3:2

During the Brazilian World Cup lots of coaches stated there is no easy match and the teams must play till the end. The 1/8 finals proved the words of these people. The favorite teams held toughest matches ...

13:30 | 01.07

0"World Sport" in Radio "Globo"

On the World Cup days, when no matches are held at “Maracana”, the epicenter of football is moved to “FIFA Fan Fest”. This place is not only for fans, watching football on the big ...

12:26 | 01.07

0World Cup's "Clasico" at "Maracana"

“Maracana” will host another big match. This time, European Derby will take place at the Brazil’s main stadium. In ¼ final of World Cup France will play against Germany. Brazilian ...

11:35 | 01.07

0"Allez la France"

After the decisive match against Ecuador, Didier Deschamps, head coach of French national team, was asked several times about the controversy against Nigeria in 1/8 final. At first, he has refused to answer, ...

21:01 | 28.06

0Nino from Uruguay

You can see a lots of original fans at the current World Championship in Brazil and before the match of Colombia-Uruguay I saw one of them.After the training of the Colombian national team at “Sao ...

12:08 | 28.06

0Jose Pekerman Avoided Speaking about Suarez's Issue

Oscar Tabarez, head coach of Colombian national team, had refrained from answering a question about the fairness of Luis Suarez prolonged disqualification. Pekerman and Colombia’s goalkeeper David ...

10:58 | 27.06

0Media - the Most Important Part of Mundial

The media is an integral and a very important part of World Cup. Here you feel how journalist is appreciated. I always attend pre-match and post-match press conferences. Coaches and football players always ...