08:20 | 09.09

Fight and Point against Denmark

The Georgia national football team played the first draw in Euro 2020 qualifying stage. In the fifth round the team of Vladimer Weiss hosted Denmark at Dinamo Arena and gained a point.

22:29 | 09.06

Vladimir Weiss: "We Must Play Smart Football and Wait for Our Chance"

Vladimir Weiss, head coach of the Georgian national football team, answered to the questions of media in press conference hall of Telia Parken in Copenhagen.


11:47 | 29.03

0Giorgi Kvilitaia: "I Am Happy for My Debut Goal"

Giorgi Kvilitaia, forward of the Georgia national team, summarized the match against Latvia (5:0). The 23-year-old forward scored brace.

11:35 | 29.03

0Guram Kashia: "We Needed Such Victory"

Guram Kashia, one of the leaders of the Georgia national team, talked to journalists after winning over Latvia (5:0). According to the defender, such victory was very important after failure to Serbia. ...

20:21 | 28.03

0Vladimir Weiss: "We Needed This Victory"

Georgia national team’s head coach Vladimir Weiss spoke to media after the victory over Latvia’s national team. Slovakian specialist said that he is happy with this victory, but also noted that the Latvian ...

20:02 | 28.03

0Faerie and Memorable Victory

Georgian national team ended up unsuccessful series with faerie play. “Crusaders” hosted Latvia’s national team at “Dinamo Arena” and destroyed them 5:0.

02:30 | 25.03

0Guram Kashia: "I Am Angry and This Defeat is Our Fault"

Georgia’s national team central defender Guram Kashia met with journalists after the lost match to Serbia (1:3) and answered their questions.

01:03 | 25.03

0Nika Kacharava: "The First Five Minutes I was Shocked"

The national team of Georgia lost to Serbia – 1:3 – at the 5th minute Nika Kacharava promoted the team of Vladimir Weiss, who scored his debut goal for the national team. After the game, Nika was one of ...

23:32 | 24.03

0Vladimir Weiss: "I Cannot Use Moments on the Field"

Georgia’s national team head coach Vladimis Weiss summarized the lost match to Serbia (1:3). “Unfortunately, history repeats – we do not use opportunities, we make individual mistakes. Several players ...

23:10 | 24.03

0Slavoljub Muslin: "The Georgian team Did Not Deserve Such Failure"

Serbia’s national team head coach Slavoljub Muslin evaluated the match against Georgia. According to him, the Serbian team played the worst first half of recent years and added that the Georgian team did ...

22:56 | 24.03

0One Half Football and Failure

Georgia – Serbia 1:3. So ended the match at “Dinamo Arena”. However, the Georgian team played the first half perfectly and we thought they would celebrate the victory, but – one half of the match to win ...

18:19 | 24.03

0Serbia's Presumable Lineup

The Serbia national team will probably play with three central defenders against Georgia, the Serbian press reports. Serbian Sportske and Blic named lineup: Stojkovic, Ivanovic, Maksimovic, Kolarov, ...