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Kenia Did Well, "Vitesse" Won

“Fortuna” Dusseldorf won over “Bochum” 1:0 in the 5th round of German II Bundesliga and now it is in the 10th place with 7 points. Levan Kenia spent one and a half round on the field and he was the best. He made a goal assist for the only one goal in this match.

Kenia got the ball in the center of the stadium, he cheated two defenders and prepared the ball for Raizinger. Levan played well also in other moments.

“Vitesse” Arnem won over “Twente” 1:0. Guram Kashia played without substitution, Vako Kazaishvili left the game at the 82th minute (he injured), and as for Giorgi Chanturia, he was disqualified. Kashia took the ball from the empty goal once and as for Kazaishvili, nobody surprises his active play – he settled in the start lineup. “Vitesse” has 7 points in 4 matches and is in the 8th place.



Goal of "Fortuna":


Ilia Nanobashvili