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Levan Kenia: "I Hear for the First Time that the Team has such a Bad Result and the Coach Talks so Lot and Boldly"

Temur Ketsbaia noted once again that Levan Kenia does not satisfies him not only as individual, but as a player too. The coach of Georgian team went even further and said that Kenia and Gogua are impudent children, they are not suitable neither on the field nor out of it… for example, in the conversation with he talks about Kenia: “Maybe, he does not invite the coach to the wedding, but it’s already 6 years he is playing for the national team and is it possible not to have a friend to invite him?”

Levan Kenya in conversation with "World Sport" said that Ketsbaia’s words and the situation in the team already went beyond the pale:

-Everything that happens, it would be funny if not so sad. The coach cannot establish a relationship with the players, and then tries to shift the blame onto others. I hear for the first time that the team has such a bad result, and the coach talks so boldly and a lot.

... As for the wedding, I admit it was wrong on my part, but the other person has no right to interfere in my private life and dictate when I assign a wedding. I will tell about the cold water: everyone knows that I have said it to Ketsbaia. I didn't mean the fans. Maybe the fans of the coach took it on themselves. If the true fans took it on the account, then I apologize.

... I recently said in an interview that I did not want to talk about this issue, but today I read another interview of Ketsbaia. This is already beginning to look like a circus. This man is trying to blame others in everything and now refers to my wedding. It would have been better if he had explained why we scored only 3 in the qualifying tournament, when we have such a forward as Lado Dvalishvili. Lado scores for the goal in the club, and they put him in front of the whole team, and then criticized for what he could not score. It already looks like a circus.

... Prospects are not visible and I hurt because of this. Also a pity that so much time I cannot help the national team, but, as I see this team didn't need makers and forwards.

I have never had conflicts to any coach, except Ketsbaia. And who I will invite to my wedding and who not, this is my decision. And as for football players, they were actually at the wedding”.


Ilia Nanobashvili