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Kobiashvili Has Foot Infection


Levan Kobiashvili turned 36 years old on Wednesday. That night he was taken to hospital because of the infection. The reason of the infection is not known but in the evening when Levan came home, he took off shoes and his right foot was swelled. His foot hurt and Levan drank antibiotics.  

“I have not noticed anything during the day. When I came home, I saw it. Perhaps, an insect bit me… Now I have an ice pack on my foot. I was told I would be this way for 3-4 days. I was scared because the same happened to me in “Frieburg” and I stayed at hospital for one week. It is good that I was taken to hospital on Wednesday evening because if I had been taken the following morning, the situation would have been worsened” – stated “Kobi”.

Kobiashvili will not be able to practice for 4-5 days. Nothing is serious.


Ilia Nanobashvili