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"Kobi" - About Last Season, Plans, Proper Management of His Career, The German's Progress, Bale Transfer...

“This is last season for me and I knew, before starting Bundesliga, that I could not play in every match. Was no conflict and confusion. I am sure, that I will be able to play in season” – said Levan Kobiashvili to the interview with “World Sport”.

4 rounds passed in Bundesliga and Levan Kobiashvili has not played for “Herta”, even once. Therefore, the smaller the chance, that “Kobi” beats record in Bundesliga. Claudio Pizzaro of Peru, forward of “Bayern”, hold 354 matches and Levan – 336.

Kobiashvili finally decided to end his career in May, next year. And after... “I want to help Georgian football with my experience. In a word, I will stay in football, but on which side I have not decided yet.”

We talked to Levan, about problematic issues. Also, about the sharply progress of Bundesliga Clubs.

- So, we do not know yet, in which role we will see Kobiashvili...

- I often talk to the leadership of “Herta”. According to the contract, I can work in the club next season. This will be either in management or scout or in the children’s Academy. Maybe I come to Georgia, have not decided yet.

- You told before, that you will start your activities in Georgian football, after ending your career. Specifically?

- I am on the same opinion, that I will come to Georgia. I want to help the Georgian football with my experience. When I see the professional approach in German, I want to be the same in Georgia and I want to take part in it. Specifically, how to start, it is not decided yet.

- Probably, you have seen the match of Kazakhstan national team. There is nothing to talk about the result, but have you seen any news from the side of game?

- I have not seen the game, because I had training at that time. I know form others, that we had the ball but we could not make the moments to score. The matches against France and Finland is important, because the team can take the 3rd place in the group. From sporting point of view, 3rd place is good, but I am afraid, that this will turn much spoken – so, self-satisfaction will be bad.

- Several years ago, when you played for “Schalke”, you had offers from the Russian clubs. “Dinamo” Moscow promised you excellent conditions, but you refused it and you stayed in Germany, why?...

- Directions of this question is clear. I am not against the Georgians, who joined the Russian clubs, but their disappearance is another issue. Personally, I have never made a step in financial terms. I was always thinking about what will my moving to the different clubs will give for the future. I moved from “Alania” to “Freiburg” of 2nd Bundesliga. There was a good salary in “Alania”, but... today, many people say, that the career of football players is short and they should be financially secured. short? Not to short. I know, that behind the players are their parents, relatives and familiars. That’s why, I think that for the most part it has a sense, who is next to player and how competent person give him advise. The football player should determine, where he will develop.

Some people say, that Georgian Championship is weak and that’s why they leave for Russia-Ukraine. Our Championship was weak before... winning one or two matches is not enough to reach the Grand Championship. You should be special. You should become bombardier or be among top players, or being often in symbolic team. Or you should play exclusively in Euro Tournaments. When you held one or two matches from 30 games, it does not mean that there will be a number of powerful leagues. This is best seen from the national team – let us see at what expense football players of my and the previous generations got in leading leagues. Also let’s see the example of Kakha Kaladze.

- It is a pity, that Georgian has not moved to West-European Championship for so long time.

- I want to bring someone, even in “Herta”. As we brought Levan Kenia in “Schalke”, but now it is not doing in this way – In Germany, they are trying to educate their players as much as possible. They changed the method of approach.

- This is noticeable. Earlier, the German did not have such super young players – they were becoming start later. And now it is enough to name Giotce, Reus and Schurrle...

- Yes. They made a huge work. You will probably remember, that there was a crisis in German football at the end of 90 century and at the beginning of this century. Once they took the last place in the group of European Championship (in 2000, when the team was coached by Erich Ribbeck) and substantially, new players were not coming. I remember people counted on Tomas who was more than 30 years old and Mahmet Scholl was said to be the only technical German

- How they corrected the situation? I am asking this, because to draw a parallel to Georgian reality.

- This is a great merit of Matthias Sammer. He was a coordinator of  Children’s football. There are a lot of news and one day is not enough to tell everything. For example, tightened licensing absolutely for all clubs of Bundesliga. If “Herta” will not perform all criteria in Children’s Academy, the license of main team will be confiscated and will not play in Bundesliga. Everything controls rigorously and if one small detail is missed they will not forgive.

- Does the football federation demand this?

- Yes. Federation has written this.

- Bundesliga is getting better from year to year, last season German clubs reached the unseen success – both finalist was Germany.

- They are strong financially. But the reason is not only in finances. for example, “Real” paid 90 million Euro for Gareth Bale. Bale is very strong, but does he cost so many? I think, he does not. The Germans will not pay such sum of money for one player. They spend correctly. And one more thing, the people are living with football here. You should be proud of playing in Bundesliga. This is a great honor and you feel appraised from all sides.

- What do you think, will “Dortmund” compete with “Bayern” till the end in Bundesliga?

- Why not. It is possible that “Bayern” become a champion, but I think that it will not be easy. Here, they arrived in Freiburg and lost. “Dortmund” is quite strong and maybe the other compete with it. For example, “Leverkusen”.

- Now about your lack of playing practice in "Herta". Have you talked to the coach about it?

- This is last season for me and I knew, before starting Bundesliga, that I could not play in every match. Was no conflict and confusion. I often talk to coach. I am sure, that I will be able to play often in this season. I do not see anything for panic. I feel inside that I can be useful. So far, the team is going well. In general, we have a good team this year. We have balanced team.