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Giorgi Shermadini Could not Save Iberostar Tenerife

Giorgi Shermadini’s Iberostar Tenerife could not make through to ¼ final of Champions League yet.

The Spanish team is playing Belgium’s Oostende in 1/8 final. A week ago Tenerife beat Oostende in Spain but yesterday lost the second game and the score is 1:1 in series. As a result, the third game will reveal winner.

Giorgi Shermadini was not in lineup but was the best on the floor. He earned 19 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist in 19:59 minutes. Giorgi scored 6 from 10 2-point (60%) and 7 from 8 free throws (87.5%). As a result, his efficiency rating was 18.

As for the game, Oostende had advantage in all four quarters and finally, won the game 75:69.

The third game of the series will take place in Spain on March 18.

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