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Leri Khabelov: "We Expected Gold Medals from Weightlifters and Wrestlers"

2 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze medals – it is Georgia’s achievement at Rio Olympics. The Georgian athletes repeated the result (7 medals) of the most successful Olympics - London 2012. However, they improved the result qualitatively.

Leri Khabelov, president of the Georgian National Olympic Committee, summarized the Olympics for worldsport.ge.

- What did you expect from this Olympics, are you satisfied with the final result?

- Rio Olympics is really successful for the Georgian sport and I want to congratulate everybody. Our slogan – “Better than London Olympics” is done. We improved the result achieved 4 years ago.

- From which athletes did you expect better results?

- Before the start of the Olympic Games we have talked about goals and plans many times. I can say that we achieved our goal.

- Who did you believe in most?

- Weightlifters and freestyle wrestlers. We had to win gold medals in these sports and it happened.

- The most emotional moment at Rio Olympics…

- Victory in weightlifting. Besides Olympic gold medal, Lasha Talakhadze set world and Olympic record. Also, Irakli Turmanidze lifted such heavy barbell which he has never lifted before. It was triumph of the Georgian weightlifting. Thanks to the coaching staff and the Georgian Weightlifting Federation.

- Which athletes disappointed you?

- Judokas suffered some pity defeats. I think they could have achieved more.

Otar Maglakelidze, special correspondent of worldsport.ge in Rio de Janeiro