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Begi Darchia: "Perhaps, We Must Seek the Main Reason in Psychological Mood"

The Greco-Roman champions and prize winners were revealed in four weight categories. Georgia had participants in three weight categories but none of them won medal. Zurab Datunashvili (75 kg) held only one meeting. Robert Kobliashvili (85 kg) lost the second round and Iakob Kajaia (130 kg) lost ¼ final. Begi Darchia, head coach of the Georgian team, answered questions of worldsport.ge

- We are disappointed so far. We expected more but unfortunately, it did not happen.

- From which wrestler did you expect good result?

- I expected two medals. We still have a chance tomorrow.

- How can you explain this failure?

- We must seek the main reason in psychological mood. We have young players and they could not show their possibilities fully.

- Perhaps, Datunashvili’s loss was the main disappointment. Zura arrived in Brazil as a current European champion…

- Datunashvili participated in many important tournaments in the last four months. Besides European Championship, he competed in the licence tournaments but losing of the weight affected on him badly. It is time for him to wrestle in 85 kg.

- Have you talked about this issue?

- I have not talked to Datunashvili but I have talked to his private coach.

- Kobliashvili suffered the saddest failure – he lost by draw…

- The reason of his failure was a childish mistake.

- What can you say about the draw?

- I cannot complain that we are not lucky. The draw was neither bad nor good. Only 19 wrestlers compete in each weight category and only 2-3 may be desired opponent. Today Kobliashvili and Kajaia had such opponents in the first meetings.

- What can you say about Bolkvadze and Nadareishvili’s draw?

- They will start from the second round and some tough wrestlers are in their draws.

Otar Maglakelidze, special correspondent of worldsport.ge in Rio de Janeiro

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