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Pablo Franco: "I Think Kharaishvili will Stay, We Must Build the Strong Team Around Him"

“Saburtalo” overcame the crisis and gained 7 points in the last three matches. This happened under the leadership of Pablo Franco. Pablo Franco is an interesting and experienced person, who coached “Getafe” during 13 rounds. talked to the Spaniard after the match of “Saburtalo” – “Shukura” (3:2).

-How would you estimate the match against “Shukura”?

-It was very difficult match. The opponent had experienced players. Our game was not the best, but we won and gained necessary three points.

-It is expected that Giorgi Kharaishvili, leader of “Saburtalo”, is going to leave the team in summer. Are you ready to build the team without him?

-I do not think he will leave the team. We will end up this season and in summer strengthen “Saburtalo”. It would be better for Kharaishvili if he stays with me. We are going to fight for high places.

-How would you estimate the level of the Georgian Championship?

-I would compare it with Segunda B games, but I know that the Georgian Federation is trying hard and also invested quite a lot of money. I worked in Spain for 17 years and have passed through a difficult period, so I am not afraid of difficulties.

-A few words about Spanish football: Does “Furia Roja” have the chance to become European Champion for the third time in a row?

- In my opinion, Spain would be one of the best teams at the European Championship. If the team avoids injuries and the players will be in good form, I think, the third consecutive championship will be real. Besides Spain, I would single out Germany, France, Belgium and Poland. I like Poland.

- Many believe that Spain’s midfield is not as strong as it was in 2008-2012. Xavi-Iniesta were excellent together, but now Xavi left.

- Many believe that Spain's midfield is not as strong as he was in 2008-2012. Xavi-Iniesta gracious pair shaped midfield, Xavi now dropped.

- However, Iniesta stayed and I am sure, he will play great at the European Championship. I think, he will become the best player of the Championship too.

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